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Approach 1

 What do you expect from good communication? Right. That it works. In order to achieve that, we at Golden Alligator have developed our own process. Or better yet: We live this process. With every client, every project and every product. 



We dive into the world of the project. What information is importation? What do we need to know about the world of our client, their customers, their business? We get to know technologies, demographics, milieus. Separating the relevant from the extraneous is one of our key tasks. That, and listening. What needs do our clients have? What challenges are there to meeting those needs? 


After the listening comes the thinking. Out of the knowledge we have gained come ideas, first drafts. We start brainstorming, set out to learn more. Throw ideas away. Discuss. Then we pick one concept - only the best. And present it. We wait expectantly for the first feedback. And we're happy when it is well received.


Paper becomes reality. The ideas are laid out, copy written. The programmers turn graphic ideas into code, apps or more code. Before it goes out it gets tested. Or there is a prototype. There are no ugly surprises. 


Where other agencies stop, we begin the part we are most proud of. That's because it gets more exciting with the launch. What were the desired results? What can we optimize to achieve them? What can we improve? We stay with you through the whole process and share the experience of what communication is all about. It conforms, adapts and improves. In short: evolution takes place. 

The Alligator Principle



Approach 2 

It is also true when dealing with communication: There are more often too many options as not enough. That's why for us elimination and selection are key elements of our appoach. What questions can we answer right at the outset? What can we rule out? That's how to reduce complexity. What remains is the essence. That is what is important.

Elimination is the opposite extreme of creation. The discovery and invention of ideas, of concrete methods. The goal: Your communications help you grow your business, make your image more beautiful, more well known, more reputable. Out of this process of elimination and creation comes the true value on which you can measure our effectiveness: Your evolution. 

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